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Amanda''s Wedding

With a
friend like Amanda Phillips, who needs an enemy? Amanda is a twenty-something
school acquaintance of Melanie and Fran. She pops into their lives every few
months to remind them how inferior they are to her and her set of
very-important London
friends. The trio used to play as children. Then Amanda''s father became filthy
rich and Mel and Fran were left to mingle with the commoners.

 Now the
girls are all grown up, yet they periodically keep in touch. Amanda calls one day
and meets Mel and Fran for drinks. Amanda has big news: she''s getting married.
Her husband-to-be is Fraser McConald, Melanie''s old college crush. On the
surface, nerdy Fraser seems out of Amanda''s league. It turns out he has a title
and a castle, which is exactly what Amanda looks for in a man.

exercising all her insults, Amanda rushes off leaving Mel and Fran to
contemplate their very common lives. Mel''s ex-boyfriend Alex dumped her for a
trip to America
ten months ago. The closest Fran has ever come to a relationship is a string of
one-night stands. Between them, they have no chance of accomplishing anything
near the status of their bitchy friend.

Wedding details the
events leading up to the dreaded nuptials. The bride-to-be is more interested
in publicity and castle refurbishing than loving her own fiancé. On the other
hand, Fraser is unable to see her for the witch she is.

 Mel and Fran
recruit a small covert team of friends to stop this doomed union. The squad
includes Fraser''s brother Angus, who sees right through Amanda''s shallow
intentions. Fraser''s stag party and Amanda''s hen party (equal to the American
bachelor and bachelorette parties) are hilarious. Readers will anticipate the
coming nuptials as much as Mel and company are dreading them.

 Under the
sabotage plot, there are a couple of side stories involving Mel. Alex returns
from America
and Mel blindly takes him back. Frustrated readers stand by and watch their
heroine mess up her life. Wonderful, sweet Angus shows interest in Mel, but
you''ll have to read the book to see if anything develops.

titled -Amanda''s Wedding, Colgan''s story is really about
Melanie''s life during the planning of Amanda''s wedding. Mel is a more
confident, more entertaining version of Bridget Jones. Sadly, she spends a
great deal of time catering to Alex when she should be sorting her life or
plotting revenge against Amanda. Fortunately, any flaws are canceled by the
events leading up to and during the wedding.

 The author''s comedy background is exercised as
the players trade amusing and insulting one-liners. The novel is set in London, so a
British/American slang  translation
book may be necessary. Many jokes refer to British pop-culture and might get
lost on Yankee readers.

readers will enjoy this book more than males. Why? Because all women know
someone like Amanda. Read the story with twisted pleasure and see the witch
gets what she deserves.

Wedding was a hit in
making it an impressive debut for Jenny Colgan. Her second novel, Talking to Addison, is even better. Though both novels fall into the
Bridget Jones-type chick fiction category, Colgan''s stories are different and
definitely funnier. Amanda''s wedding is the ideal novel for those craving
something naughty and nice. Bitchy Amanda may get everything she wants, but she
can''t stop a satisfying ending to this must-read tale of romance and revenge.

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