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God Is Round
(Juan Villorio)

Football is the world´s most popular sport, but with the years it has changed. Nowadays, the media and the globalization among other causes, have made from this sport a phenomenon that has reached proportions beyond exageration and it is that many Football players are seen as gods and semigods, besides being models and their own publicists. Without any doubt, the most outstanding case is Maradona who, apart from being a phenomenon inside the field, is one outside it too. The book makes us think about the money that this sport brings along as the payments from very well known brands and while the one that uses it is making a fortune, the one that makes it is winning a misery and that is because the game has become over proportionate and as an example we can look at the amount of public that as seen the latestWorld Cups. To sum up, the book is a critic to everyday football and it is not good for fans as they are also been reviewed and many other aspects are referred to in a humorous way.

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