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The Brethren
(Beverly Lewis)

A mystery set in the Amish country of Pennsylvania is the focus of the final novel in Beverly Lewis?s ?Annie?s People? trilogy entitled ?The Brethren?.When her father, Preacher Jessie Zook, orders his daughter Annie to give up the art work she loves, Annie refuses and compounds her father?s displeasure by moving in with her best friend, Esther, and Esther?s four small children. Esther?s husband Zeke has been arrested for murdering his brother when he was a youngster. Zeke is now in jail, awaiting the test results on the bones he found buried in a field in their Amish countryside. While in prison, Zeke has had a mental breakdown and meets with a counselor on a regular basis. He misses his wife and family, but Esther has already been shunned for defiance of the Amish way as she has joined the Mennonite church and has become a believer in Jesus Christ. When the bones are not human, Zeke is cleared, but still believes he murdered his brother.Ben Martin returns to Paradise, Annie?s hometown, where he stayed several months previously when he came looking for his roots once he learned he was adopted as a young child. Ben and Annie became interested in each other when Ben was in Paradise earlier, but at that time, Jessie found them together and ordered Annie to break things off with Ben and ordered Ben out of town. Ben complied, but never forgot Annie, and she can?t forget him either. Ben decides to return to Paradise, he returns to mutual friends of his and Annie?s and his presence surprises, and pleases Annie. They pick up where they left off, and Jesse is displeased. Through their conversations, Annie begins to believe Ben is really Zeke?s younger brother, who has now come back to Paradise. Jessie refuses to believe it, even in the face of accumulated evidence. But is Ben really Zeke?s long lost brother? Can an Amish girl and an Englischer (non-Amish) boy ever be happy together?

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