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?a Comprehensive Guide On Human Rights Reporting For West African Journalists?
(Adewale Adeoye (Executive Director of JODER))

The book tagged ?A Comprehensive Guide on Human Rights Reporting for West African Journalists?.. The book is billed to be launched simultaneously in four West African countries of Ghana, Senegal, Liberia and Nigeria.A statement by JODER, which is a member of the Media for Democracy, MFD project in Nigeria and the Belgium-based International Federation of Journalists, IFJ stated that the publication is the first of such rare partnership between the civil society in West Africa and any known government, either at the state or regional level, in the sub-region.?For the Lagos State Government to support and sponsor the publication, is a major step forward in the history of sub-saharan Africa. Until this piece of book was released, governments in the sub-region have historically viewed human rights reporting as anti-government and retrogressive. This publication, we hope, will open a new vista of cooperation between the civil society community and governments in sub-saharan Africa. We hope in the new future, this example of the Lagos State Governor will be a cherished reference point for future governments? the statement signed by Adewale Adeoye noted.The former Lagos State commissioner for works who wrote the introduction to the book state: ?It is of note that this publication is transnational; a handy manual for media practitioners in West Africa, we hope and we believe, that it will strengthen the brotherhood enterprise between the government, the media and the people of West Africa in the collective struggle to remake the perpetual images of poverty, conflict, wars and vestiges of dictatorship that remain common phrases in the sub-region.?The West African media has a unique role to play in mankind?s determination to uplift the region from her downtrodden status to that of greatness. In the past few years, the world has witnessed tremendous changes in human development. One of those striking events, has been the transformation of the mind of peoples and the lofty development of human consciousness in amazing proportions.
One of the most unique events has been the emergence of representative governments in most, if not all of the West African sub-region, after several years of retrogressive military dictatorship. He said that the sun-region, which is home to some of the world?s most poor, has equally benefited from the wind of change that is blowing across the African continent.
Apart from the new technological gains especially in the field of communication and IT, there is the need for a remarkable change in the web of interrelationship between governments and the people. There is no doubt that these transformations have been marvelously propelled by the media. It is the lofty view of the |Lagos State Government that this noble endeavor be sustained and consolidated.?
Lagos State have been part of the wonderful dream to make the sub-region a golden example in the decorum of human rights reporting and respect by governments in the sub-region for media freedom, to report the contradictions in the political process, the enlistment of the freedom of our people and the promotion of the international instruments that obviously promote human liberty?.ADEWALE ADEOYE

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