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The Pelican Brief
(John Grisham)

The book begins with the assassination of two Supreme CourtJustices, by the names of Rosenberg and Jensen. The general populacecan see no connection between the two, nor can they speculate as to whyeither would be killed--Rosenberg was rapidly approaching death bynatural causes, and Jensen had never seemed to be too opinionated. TheFBI is baffled; the Oval Office is in a state of chaotic stress. Thelist of suspects seems far too obvious, and proves to be filled withdead-ends. However, Tulane law student Darby Shaw begins aninvestigation of her own--stirring up whirlpool of suspense and terror. Darby researches Rosenberg and Jensen's court records, searching for asimilarity in beliefs, something that would give someone a cause tokill them both. Once she has found her answer, she composes a brief,explaining the identity of the man who hired the assassin, his motive,and his position. She conjectures that it was Victor Mattiece, a manwho had an upcoming appeal to regain oil-drilling land that hadformerly been protected due to the endangered brown pelicans on theterritory. Jensen and Rosenberg, both staunch environmentalists, wouldhave decreased his chances of winning the appeal had they stayed on theSupreme Court. Being friendly with the president, Mattiece knew that hewould appoint new justices that would rule more in his favor. Darbygives a copy of what she names "The Pelican Brief" to Thomas Callahan,her lover and Constitutional Law professor. After he reads it, hepasses a copy to his friend Gavin Verheek, a lawyer with the FBI.Verheek then passes it on to FBI director Voyles, who, in turn, passesit on to the president and vice president. Shortly after, a bomb,intended for Darby, is placed on Callahan's car while the two are in arestaurant. Darby does not enter the car, telling Thomas that she willwalk home due to his lack of sobriety. Immediatley after starting thecar, it explodes, killing Callahan instantly. After going on the run,Darby speaks with Verheek, arranging to meet him for FBI protection. Hetoo, is killed, by the notorious assassin Khamel (hired by Mattiece). After running and hiding for days, Darby contacts Gray Grantham of theWashington Post, and together, they strive to expose Mattiece--and savetheir own lives.

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