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Harry Potter
(Joanne Kathleen Rowling)

Title of book:  "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone"
Author's name: Joanne Kathleen Rowling
Type: mystery
Number of pages:  320
The story about:
Harry potter had a miserable life with his uncles. Harry's room was a tiny closet under the steps and his family had never celebrated his birthday.
But one morning Harry got a mysterious letter, a letter with an invitation to a wonderful place, Hogwarts the school of witchcraft and wizards.  His uncles didn't want him to go their but Harry didn?t want to stay with them.
Harry meets a man who help's him get everything he need's for school. They go to a strange market, there they buy a broom, scepter and an owl. All the people in this strange market knew Harry, because hiss parents were very famous wizards.
So Harry went to the train station, he didn't find the right consecutive, suddenly he noticed a family who needed the same consecutive. He had asked them where the consecutive is placed at and the mother had told him that he need to go straight into the wall, Harry ran and entered the wall straight to the right consecutive. He entered the train and looked for a place to sit, he sat near a ginger boy, Ron. They talked all the way to school. Suddenly a girl came to him, Hermione, and started to tell Harry all about this magic school.
They arrive to the school; Ron and Harry were in the same room.

After they were in their rooms they went to the big room, there they eat, but first the school headmaster divides all the students to groups. Harry, Ron and Hermione were in the same group which was named Griffindor.
Of course all the teachers knew Harry.

In the first class they were need to fly on their broom, The teacher told them about a game, Quidditch , this game you need to fly of a broom and to try to put in the hoops a ball, but this ball is with wings, a very fast ball and it's hard to catch it.
The teacher wants Harry to try and play this game, and the next morning another Quidditch player teaches Harry how to play, he sets free the ball and tells Harry to catch it. Harry flies on his broom and starts to fly after the ball, eventually he catched it. And on that moment Harry become Quidditch player.

One night Harry heard a strange noise from the basement, he went to see what made the noise, and find's out a mirror. when he looked into the mirror he saw himself, but suddenly the picture in the mirror changed to Harry and he's parents. Harry was amazed, he heard someone coming and he hurryed to he's room.

After a week strange things happened at Hogwarts.
Harry and Ron decided to investigate this.
 They heard about a dog that had three heads who was watching a mysterious room.
One night the kids decided to enter this room.
They enter the room with the dog that has three heads and they succeed to pass the dog.
After the dog there was the second room, there was a chess mate game but the soldiers were big, very big and alive.
 Eventually they won the game and succeeded to pass the room.
But in the third room Harry was alone.

There Harry had to destroy the stone, but a very powerful man was searching for this stone too. But Harry succeed to get the stone, when he hold the stone he fainted and he dreamed about he's parents, and he found out that his parents didn?t die in accident, they were murdered an evil wizard.
When Harry woke up he saw Hermione and Ron, and they didn't remember what had happened after the chess mate game!

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