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Gone With The Wind

American families from the South treat the beginning of the war with a smile on their faces as they expect an easy victory and a quick return to their hitherto existing way of life. But there is no victory, and the American dream slowly disappears. During this time there are many dramas and changes in the lives of the main heroes. The main heroine - Scarlett O'Hara - is in love with Ashley Wilkes who marries to his plain cousine - Melanie Hamilton. Beautiful and self-confident Scarlett, since she heard about the marriage of her beloved, hates Melanie and wishes her death. But Melanie is Scarlett's true friend and Scarlett owes much to her but realizes this fact when Melanie is dying. She can not accept Ashley's turndown because during the war everyone was under the spell of her beauty. She helps Melanie during the war only because Ashley asked her to do this. Ashley is fighting for the Confederacy at the same time. Scarlett took after her father, Gerald, a tough, Irish character. She admires her mother Ellen, who represents the ideal of the Southern lady. Scarlett is fighting with herself to become a nice and mild lady who is ready to sacrifices. She doesn't succeed very often. Scarlett can ensnare naive men. Her first husband is Karol Hamilton, Melanie's brother. She would have never paid attention to him if she hadn't been on a barbecue when Ashley and Melanie announced their engagement. Out of revenge, she marries Karol. Mrs.Hamilton becomes widow very quickly when Karol dies during the war. She gives also birth to his son, Wade, whom he didn't see. Scarlett is furious with mourning because she can not wear colourful dresses and have some fun. She laughs at the opinion of the society. Before the war the neighbours gossiped that she was seducing men, during the siege she run her own business and what was worse she earned a lot of money. This was immoral for impoverished families. Her next marriage is to old Frank Kennedy, who was a beau of her younger sister, Suellen. She marries him because she needs money to maintain the family plantation, Tara. Dominated and submissive Frank allows her to do whatever she wants to. They have a daughter, Ella. Soon Frank dies , as people said -because of Scarlett who was attacked by two Blacks during her ride. Frank, a member of Ku Klux Klan, tried to avenge his wife. But he becomes the victim of a trap.During all this time there is a handsome and rich Captain Rhett Butler not far from Scarlett. He is a black sheep not only in his family but also in the society. He has the same negative opinion of the importance of the Cause (Confederacy) as Scarlett and makes profits out of the war. It seems, that he is the man of her life, they understand each other perfectly, but although they marry, Scarlett is still in love with Ashley. It is the death of Melanie which makes Scarlett see that Rhett is the only person for her. She felt safe by him and he loved her very much. But it is too late. The novel ends when Rhett Butler leaves Scarlett. After the quote of Scarlett: "I won't think about that now. I'll think about that tomorrow. There must be some way to get him back" there are the most famous words, which are in the history of the film and literature till now: "After all, tomorrow is another day!"

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