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Early Life Of Sharon Stone

Stone was born in Meadville, Pennsylvania located between Pittsburgh and Erie, Pennsylvania. The second of four children, she is the daughter of Joe and Dorothy Stone,blue collar workers with, reportedly, ancestral roots inGalway, Ireland.Stone flunked out of Saegertown High School inSaegertown, Pennsylvania.She is said to have been an obnoxious and rebellious child. She hasdescribed herself as "a nerdy, ugly duckling who sat in the back of thecloset with a flashlight, and a set of C cell batteries. I was never akid. I walked and talked at 10 months. I started school in the secondgrade when I was five, a real weird, academically driven kid, not atall interested in being social. Recess was a drag until I realized Ididn't have to play, that I could lean up against a wall and read".Most of the kids disliked her because she was standoffish and did notplay children's games. One day on the playground she announced, "I amthe new Marilyn Monroe. "Her mother once said: "Sharon has been posing from the day she arrived. She came out posing."As a young woman, her IQ was tested and rated at a high level of 154 points. After skipping a grade in school, she was involuntarily transferred from Saegertown High School toEdinboro University in Pennsylvania, enrolling at the age of fifteen years.

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