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Bitter Sweet: A Book Of Love & Dreams
(Jessica Siewert)

Awake and Dreaming 06.29.1999 2:00am and thoughts flow through my brain as seconds in the minutes that pass by; you are all that?s on my mind. Do you wish? What are your dreams?Can you feel me thinking of you?All day you have crossed my mind, Happy Thoughts of if we were together. I am so surprised; I have had thoughts like this never?I want to walk with you and feel you near. I think of you as I am tiring to sleep;dreams of the future that could possibly be.Happiness, love and security; you make me think all of this and so many other things.I?ve never had Happy Thoughts of what things could be and felt so sure. You brought hope to my swollen heart, sunken deep within. You?ve touched me inside like no other. I feel safe, I don?t need to hide.Never been the first to fall ? never felt this way at all.Thoughts like these have never flown through my mind; my heart was hidden tucked far away from the surface never to see the light of love, locked away with no map, no key, just a cold dark place deep within me.My heart was hidden and I thought never to be found.I lie awake dreaming; Happy thoughts flow through my mind, someone has found my heart. You are quick to mend its broken pieces ? its thoughts, lost dreams. You give me back all these things I thought I have lost, and now I can sleep. Do you dream of me?

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