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The Black Angel
(John Connolly)

An interesting storyline that carries on from Connolly's previous book, The White Road. Once again, the no holds barred private detective Charlie Parker is confronted with a mysterious evil that has links with his own past.
His long time friend and right hand man, Louis, discovers that a relative of his is missing and calls in the private detective to try and find out what has happened to her. As Parker delves deeper into the disappearance, he discovers that the missing girl is only a small part of the puzzle, that runs deeper and further back in time than he could have imagined....and has links with an ancient French monastery and an eastern European monument of bones.....and the Black Angel. Evil men are attempting to find this relic, and have been searching for centuries to locate and release the darkness from inside.Yet again Connolly drags us into his world of good and evil.....and the shadows that lie between. A page-turner.

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