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Piropos To Hook, Women!

1. You believe love the first sight, or I have that to pass more times this way?

2. I can, until not being the man prettiest caqui, but decidedly it are the Only one that I obtained to see the beauty of your eyes.

3. But that pretty legs! The one that hours if open?

4. Really! I am, decidedly to fight against the necessity to have to make to feel this night the woman happyest of the world!

5. If you are the search of the charming man of your life, you do not look more! I am!

6. Pods to kill me if not to serve you! BUT FIRST HONEST ME!

7. I am the search of ½ of you, you to take to mine ¼!

8. Excuse, I am to construct a new religion, look Goddesses! I finished to choose you!

9. - You are not something tired? - Not, because? - Because you were to all give to returns the day in my head!

10. - Tomorrow I go for a seminary, to cure me! You do not want me to help to enjoy of the last night?

11. ?Girl taking a walk cãozinho! ? - Ai, that cãozinho more charming! She does not have telephone number?

12. You find that it must to study, you to work or you?

13. How pretty Pants! They were well, all crumpled up in the soil of my room!

14. You have hours? È that the time must have motionless when I saw you!

15. My doctor forbade to me to raise heavy things! You do not want to help me to make pee?

16. The Girl already lost the Virginity? Good, then pods to give to me petty cash to it where it came!

17. Pretty Olá! I am new for here! In you want me to say where is your house?

18. It: Pretty clock that you have!
It: Yes, I have more, in my headboard small table, you want to come to know them?

19. To play to the Doctor and patient? Not! This is for children! My specialty is same gynecology!

20. Excuse, I lost my telephone, me of the o yours?

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