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Summary Of Habakkuk (bible)

Habakkuk?s questionsThe book of Habakkuk starts with the prophet asking God about all the violence that is going around him. Will the wicked receive judgment? Why do the wicked prosper and the righteous have to suffer?God tells him to write down what the Lord is going to tell him. God was going to give him the revelation. The herald who reads it should run.God?s answerGod later tells him the judgments of the wicked. He who has devoured others, has made things out of extortion will not the debtors rise against him suddenly? But the righteous shall live by faith, God answers him.ConclusionIn the end the prophet concludes that even if the fields don?t give its yield, even if there is no fruit in the fig tree still I will rejoice in the Lord. Even if prosperous days are not there still my heart will rejoice in the Lord.

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