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Easy Way To Stop Smoking
(Allan Carr)

I was given this book by a friend who had read it herself and successfully gave up smoking. At first I was a little bit dubious as I had tried everything, from patches to nicotene gum and nothing had worked. How could a book help me to stop if the other things I had tried didn't? However, I was desperate to stop and as it was a gift I felt compelled to read it. I can tell you now that reading that book was the best thing I ever did! Not only did I read it all in one evening and stop smoking the very next day, but I was amazed at how easy it was!

I think the problem facing smokers is that most of the advice they are given is by people that have never smoked in their lives! This book is written by a man who is not a doctor but in many ways much more qualified than a doctor to give out advice to stop smoking. He is a man who used to smoke one hundred cigarettes a day and even burn his hands trying to light up a cigarette when he was already smoking one! He knows more than anyone the torture smokers go through trying to quit and his advice and the method he uses is second to none!

There are masses and masses of anti-smoking campaigns everywhere and millions of pounds is ploughed into them. I can honestly say that none of these campaigns ever helped me or encouraged me to stop smoking. If I'm being honest, every time I saw a television advert all it would make me do is instantly light up a cigarette! All smokers know the health risks they are taking, know that it is an anti-social habit that makes them smell and stains their teeth. Campaigns telling them what they already know isn't going to make any difference.

The majority of smokers do not actually want to be smokers or find smoking enjoyable, but have probably tried many times to stop and feel disheartened. Or they may have not had the courage to try yet for fear of finding it too hard. Trust me, get this book and you will not only stop but you'll find it amazingly easy. Don't forget to pass it onto a friend once you have finished with it. It will be the best gift you have ever given them!

There are also Allan CarrEasy Way clinics all over the world where you can get adviceand support if you should need it.

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