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(Susan Kay)

Erik was born a supposed monster. His intellect and skills were not enough to shield the face behind the mask. His hideous disfigurement hid the talent beneath, as he was a magician, an architect, and a composer. Yet the most magnifying trait was the voice so melodic and hypnotic it could bring people into a trance and command anyone he wished to be in his empowerment. Unfortunately mentally and emotionally scarred by his mother he fled at night from his house to lead a new life where he wanted to find the love his mother was to scared to show. This was the tale of the Phantom of the Opera, the truth behind the mask. The travels and tortures he had to face to become what he was. Finally, he was able to build a sanctuary, away from the prying eyes of people, beneath the Paris Opera house his new life lay. He earned the title as the Phantom but when he saw Christine Daae he became her Angel of Music. Desperately in love with this rare beauty his infatuation with her grew. He trained her and supported her but behind the glass mirror fearing for she may abandon him if she sees his face. Yet when her childhood sweetheart returns into her life a love triangle is formed. Mass havoc disrupts within the Opera house as the both lovers fight for Christine?s love. Now Erik?s fate lies in her hands, she can save this reclusive beauty or destroy it?

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