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Curves This Is The Power Of The Man On The Woman And The Nature

That beautiful river, observing with attention, sees that has woman curves, however great exuberant, rich in its extension, however delicate, perfect in exactness of details. It drains in waterfall, forming mist in the mornings of autumn, supplying fish and its animals with its waters, limpid echeia of life. life this, that one to only be in the face of the land, can have the pleasure, the rotten one of dom of the life, yes is speaking of this wonderful being, the woman the times faceira, intriguing, exuberant and summarizing a boundary line being light, capricious also however, for more difficult than either it, never a man lives without, but here it is that it arrives. When the man with its impious hands arrives, destroys, dilaceram its curves, leaving unrecognizable its contours of river, woman. Woman and river, if establish in one alone context, if they knew, how much they are important, coitados of us men, who we do not know to live, nor without the river, and who will say without the woman.

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