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Life After Death


Every inquisitive mind has got the anxiety of knowing the mysteries of LIFE and death. ' Where do0 we come from and where do we go after death' . This is the common inquisitiveness of the human mind from the very begining and continues to be a puzzle to be solved even today. In ancient times, various religions have tries ti answer these questions but due to lack of supportive evidences, the experiments done in this direction, became a matter of superstition. To answer these questions, the immortality of the Soul, The Power, The Self or whatever you may prefer to call it, must be established. It must also be unquestionably established that the Soul or the Self inside the body is something different from the body of the man. The Death separates the two. The body which perishable , and the Self which imperishable. It survives after the destruction of the body or leaving the body. Again the question arises as to after leaving the body, what becomes of the Soul.

To find out this, we have to accept the theory of reincarnation. To believe the man's future existence , it is imperative to believe his past existence also. Existence after death presupposes the existence before birth.. Whatever survives is independent of physical body of the man. The Soul therefore, if immortal, existed before our birth; and if the former's existence in no way concerns us, neither will the later.

If you are going to exist in eternity hereafter, it must be that you have existed thro eternity in the past, it cannot be otherwise. What begins in Time, must end in Time. Whatever survives beyond the limits of time is ETERNAL.

It is the biggest joke in this world by the human being that he behaves in a manner, considering himself immortal, as if he would never die, when he is watching ' deaths ' all the time around him. by kirtiLife

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