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Strategic Management Of Inner Information In Small Enterprises
(Albuquerque, Alexandre Farias)

Strategic management of inner information in small enterprises: comparative studies of cases in the hotel sector of Brotas-SPThis dissertation presents proposals for the management improvement ofinner information aiming at the strategic management of smallenterprises. It presents a bibliographical revision of the process ofinformation management, the information necessary to the strategicprocess and the specific characteristics of small companies that permitdefining the variable of the research. In the fieldwork four smallhotel enterprises settled in Brotas city and a medium enterprisesettled in Águas de São Pedro city were studied. Both cities arelocated in São Paulo region. This fieldwork allowed identifying theprocess of strategic decision-making, the information utilized in thisactivity as well as the way these companies collect, process anddistribute the data and information to the people who make decisions.In a final evaluation it was possible to observe that the organizationsanalysed presented more facilities than difficulties to the improvementof the information management process. Managers of small hotel are notcompletely conscious of the benefits that information management canbring. Significant hotel data and information are scattered and flowingwithout control in the organizations, which hampers their recovery inthe decision-making process. Aiming at the improvement of strategicinformation management five proposals were presented: making managersconscious of the importance of information management process;identification of strategic information by the comprehension of thehotel operation; improvement of data collecting tools; collection andanalyses of scattered data and extension of organizational memory;exhibition of reports, graphs or formularies of information eitherprinted or on computer screen.

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