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Mein Kampf - The Battle Of Adolf Hitler
(Hitler, Adolph)

Mein Kampf (My Fight) by Hitler is reckoned among the great books of the world history. However, it seems to be nothing but ideologically rich propaganda. It's primary duty is to essentially treat Hitler himself and the aspect of being german. It's also tanget to Hitler's policy and thus gives no good name to the Jewish world. Its message is well written but could be seen as transparent. The book was written before Hitler's rise to power, during the years in prison. After the examination of dictator's youth it ends up telling the decadence of Germany and a bit of Hitler's experiences in the front. As a reading experiece, Mein Kampf surely is not the most easiest books to read thru but counts itself among the historically and scientifically worthy concerns of European legacy of culture. It contains the racial thoughts of its own age and the ideas of Hitler concerning the re-construction of Germany.

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