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The Da Vinci Code
(Dan Brown)

Jacques Sauniere, revered curator of Paris?s Louvre, is killed by the Opus Dei monk Silas following the orders of an unknown leader called the ?teacher?. Robert Langdon, renowned Harvard symbologist and art historian gets embroiled in the investigation when the main investigating officer Bezu Fache finds cryptic messages near Sauniere that seem to implicate Langdon. But Sophie Nevue, French police cryptologist and Sauniere?s estranged granddaughter believes them to be a coded message meant for her. Consequently, they escape the museum after finding a key hidden by Sauniere behind da Vinci?s painting. It leads them to the keystone-an inlaid handmade rosewood box containing a cryptex that can only be opened by solving a riddle. The keystone proves that Sauniere was the grandmaster of the Priory of Sion, a legendary ancient brotherhood destined to safeguard the ?cup /chalice of Christ?. The fugitives then decide to take shelter at the châteaux of Langdon?s friend, the oxford art-historian Sir Leigh Teabing.There, with the aid of Da Vinci?s ?The Last Supper? Sir Leigh explains that Christ?s ?chalice? is an allegorical representation of Mary Magdalene. The Priory are guardians of documents that prove that she was Christ?s wife and of her remains and also of the subsequent sacred bloodline .At this point they are attacked by Silas but they manage to overpower him. They all then flee to England. On the flight they manage to solve the riddle, but are rewarded with another smaller cryptex. On Teabing's advice they proceed to the Templar church. Here, they are betrayed by Teabing?s man-servant Reme, who along with Silas kidnap Teabing and the cryptex. Langdon and Sophie then correctly solve the riddle, which takes them to Newton?s tomb in Westminster Abbey .Here they are entrapped by Teabing alias the teacher?s treacherous scheme. They are saved by Fache and Teabing is arrestedThey then follow the trail to Scotland?s Roselynn. Sophie is shocked to discover her grandmother and brother living there, after having believed them to have perished in an accident. From them she learns that she too is a descendant of the royal bloodline. Langdon departs after promising to spend a romantic holiday with her. In Paris Langdon gets an idea, and after correctly following the riddle?s trail finds the burial place of Magdalene; an eternal symbolic spot right within the Louvre.
(please rate my writing .it helps to understand if i'm any good at this!)

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