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Ambition Bordline
(Filipa Sousa)

In the end of ninetheen century, industrial Europe shows interested in virgin areas from the African Continent.When some countries prepare scientific expeditions to these lands, Portugal continues asleep and leaned to the unquestioned historical rigths in the region.In July of 1877, major Serpa Pinto, pushed by the dream of implanting the portugese position in the black continent, have join a scientific expedition to Africa sponsored by the Government and Society of Geography of Lisabon, that took him to walk more than 5000km.Launched in organize explorations in that continent, Portugal was not alone, several Europen countries have strong interests in establishing colonies and win some possessions. Afonso Lacerda, mysterios personage, had motives to follow in that trip major Serpa Pinto. Will be this two mens capable to show to them selfs and to the World, bordlines don't exist in honor?Following the preparatives and the steps of Serpa Pinto and compagnions trip, the ambition bordlines recouver facts and figures of Portuguese history, adding personages and intrigue to this African Portuguese expedition, among other events that accomplishment, lead to the Conference of Berlin and the political division of that continent.

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