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The Heart Of A Boy
(Edmondo de Amicis)

hello friends,
it was a long time when again we all were for a trip, i heard some of the haunted stories about bhangarh, but definatley do not believe in all such things, i saw some of the news channels about bhangarh but that more dare me to go there, finally i decided to go there and have a night stay. at the begning no one wrer ready to go there if someone is ready then only till evening, finally i make everyone ready and we leave to bhangarh, the very haunted place, we go there in my car, we were 6, got not to be fitted in the car but adjust it anyhow, i don't know the exact way so we go through a long way and the time was nearly about 3.30 pm, i go there just to have a night stay with my girlfrnd coz i do not have any other place to tell my frnds to stay at night, i asked to some of the villagers about the story of bhangarh, they were saying that don't go there, there are some of the evil souls get entered in to you, so we decided to go there, i took my god with me from my car and go there, when we entered there, there is a strange atmoshphere, a long way is there and than a big garden, on the way there are some houses that are half in the walls, and all the houses are same, we neglect it, finally we reach to the fort, i and my frnd saw that the fort is totally damaged, there are some of the undergrounds rooms, totally dark, me and my girlfrnd go to that undergrounds to enjoy our trip, at last my girlfrnd started to shout on me and said leave from here, i watched a fox here, but there was no fox, and she got unconsicious, and till now she is unconsicious, thats it, i beleive that there is some thing like evil soul, in the face of a fox.

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