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Something In The Attic
(Kirsty Bibby)

Something in the Attic

"Elizabeth" came her loud shouts again "if your not down here in two minutes we're leaving without you!"
I jumped out f bed, ripped some clothes out of my wardrobe, pulled them on and then bolted downstairs only to find an empty kitchen. Mum said she'd leave without me if i didn't hurry up but i didn't think she actually would. Oh well i thought to myself a day off school wouldn't do me any harm.

I was making myself some breakfast when i first heard it; a loud banging sound coming from above me, at first it sounded distant then the more i listened the louder it seemed to get. I followed the sound to the bottom of the stairs then hesitated for a minute before beginning to climb the stairs. When i reached the landing i began walking along the upstairs corridor and towards a door which i had never noticed before, it was probably another door leading into my parents bedroom as it was the only room that took up this side of the second floor of the house. As i was getting closer and closer the banging was getting louder and louder.

i was now at the door i reached out for the handle and began to turn it...
"Elizabeth!" I turned round in fright. My mum was standing at the top of the stairs looking at mne inquizitively.
"What are you doing?" She looked worried " come away from that wall!"
"what?" i said turning back towards the door. It was gone, there was nothing there apart from a bare brick wall.
"Come on, get ready and i'll take you to school" mum said quickly. I looked back at the wall and then walked back up the corridor to my room. I didn't have much to do in the way of getting ready as i was already dressed, i just brushed my hair and then headed to the bathroom. But on my way io heard talking coming from my mums bedroom. The door was ajar so i looked in through the space that was left. Mum was sitting on her bed talking to my step dad who i could barely see was sitting on a chair in front of her.

"I should never have left her in the house alone" mum cried "I knew this would happen, it's all my fault.
"No it's not, no one could have known" came my step dads vioce "all you need is a break, i've booked you a weekend off in France, you'll be staying at a great hotel and you won't have to worry about a thing because i'l be staying here keeping an eye on everything".

I took my ear away from the door and walked back to my bedroom. So mum was going away, and without us. i couldn'tbeleive it, i know she needed a break but i didn't think that she'd go away and leave us behind. Since dad left we hadn't been away from her for more than a few hours and now she was going away for the whole weekend. And whats this thing that happened? Why can she talk to Dave and not me? It was taking a while for all this to sink in. I was just coming to terms with it all when Dave came in to take me to school.

Ididn't go to school. After Dave dropped me off i walked home again, i knew i wouldn't get in trouble as Dave would be out taking mum to the airport and then from there he would have to go straight to work as he was already late. As i walked home i couldn't stop thinking about the door i'd seen earlier. So many questions were spinning round in my head. Why had the door disappeared when mum had shouted my name? had it all been my imagination? Was there nothing there but a brick wall? When I reached home, i didn't go in straight away for fear of what i might find. i sat outside on my sisters swing still thinking about what had happened earlier.

When i did gather up the courage to go in the house i headed straght up the stairs. turning and looking down the corridor i saw that there really was only a brick wall. Nevertheless, i continued to walk towards it, half expecting and hoping for the door to apear, but with every step that it didn't appear a sigh of releif running through me. After what seemed like a lifetime, but still no door. I stood there a minute thinking. Then a crazy thought came into my head. I stood up straight ion front of the door and said in a bold voice "Elizabeth". The door materialised out of thin air, i didn't hesitate this time i grabbed the handle turned it and pushed the door open to reveal...

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