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Romantic Places
(Stephen J Kelly)

Romantic Places to Spend With a Lover!

Mountain Top

You?re both sat on a blanket on top of a mountain the sun
setting and the rays of light reflecting beautiful colours on the snow.
You can see beautiful scenery where ever you look the light is shining
and bouncing off. While sitting on a blanket kissing, holding each
other, feeding each other strawberries and drinking wine, you see
beautiful reindeer run across and a pack of wolfs playing. You admire
your Lover and both laugh until the sun goes down.

Living Room Rug

You?re both sat in the living room with hot chocolate and fire blazing
out, tickling each other and keeping each other warm. Its snowy
outside, it?s been a hard day and so you cuddle the person you love and
talk in the candle light. You snuggle up the rug crumples you lean back
and kiss them on the rug, you can?t help but feel the warm and goodness
of your other as they glare in to your eyes and you adore them as they
glare back and make you feel safe and whole!

Beach during the Sun Set

You?re both sat on a beach blanket with a quite guitar twanging away in
the background. The sun is setting and the light is beautiful, you hold
each other. It?s really warm and it?s lovely as the sun sets you feed
each other food from the basket and gaze at the stars, trying to work
out star patterns and just chatting about old times... You turn gaze
and realise how beautiful and how lucky you are to be here! Then
unexpectedly you see a flock of birds flying the light reflects of
there wings from the moon it?s beautiful like paradise!

Outside with a dusty restraint in Venice with candle
light and moon shining down a boat streaming a long the water the sound
of the water squishing is beautiful. You gaze in to each others eyes
and it?s all just perfect you share a plate of spaghetti as a starter
and in great unoriginal style you get stuck eating the same string of
spaghetti and suck it in and end up kissing. You both laugh away in to
the night drink lots of wine and go for a ride on the boat and could
and kiss under the moon light!

Beach on a sunny day
The sun is shining down we have ice
creams your lover gets some on there noise you like it off and tickle
them at same time then laugh.. You watch as a small amount of people
play in the water and go join them chuck water at each other and splash
about play fighting and laughing! Then go back and watch your lover dry
the water off which is glimmering in the sun light and making there
skin look so sexy... Then you sit down and gaze at them as they read
there book to you. As a flock of bird?s flies over it makes the light
reflect on your lover?s face making them look stunning, with a heavenly
glow and you get lost as you look in to there eye?s. You just can?t
hear a word they say for the overwhelming beauty of there face!

You must be board by now, also am tired of righting ask me and I
will right some more. If you really want me too! Hmmm! Next time they
will be a lot better!

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