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How To Read How-to And Self-help Books (getting Real Results From The Advice You Get)
(Janne Ruokonen)

Many people want to learn some new things, with the help of self-help books. Such books are helpful & lead to success, but we must know how to use them, identify & avoid the usual mistakes in using such books, locate the best possible advice for us, & get results therefrom. The aim of the author in writing this book is that, we should be able to prepare ourselves, to get the best out of self-help books, & move from advice to action(s) for our benefit.
This book, in its nineteen Chapters contained in three parts, discusses various aspects of this topic. The Chapter on Avoiding the Self-help pitfalls, appears to be the most important one. For improvement by self-help, it must be kept in mind that there is no magic pill, & that if we do not understand & grasp the finer points, we may land in problems by misuse of a good point even. The author gives examples to explain his points. Every individual is unique, but he is also similar to many others in many ways, & therefore methods of self-help books can be safely used by us. Positive thinking is essential, for taking actions for achieving goals in life, breaking the barriers to progress & managing & controlling the path of our progress. We must not close our minds & land in a trap by our own thoughts, that we already know the things. Even if we know a topic fully or partly, & if we get an opportunity to read it or listen to it again, it should be treated as a fresh awareness & learning for action. We should not depend on the influence of other persons for motivating us, since it may energize us for some time only. We can ourselves judge the things, in the right perspective. We should persist with a method to get results to the end, & not leave it half way through, & try some other method(s). We have to try hard with determination, to make it work it for us. Once we have chosen a method, it is advisable to give it a fair trial. Methods of self-help which are proven, & have stood the test of time should be adopted. There is no point in endlessly purchasing self-help books, just to display in our book shelf, since this may delay our actions, thinking that information is available, & that with its help, we can face the situation at any time. What is required is implementation through actions. With too many books there may be confusion, anxiety & loss of time. With inadequate knowledge, too quick an action may lead to problems & harm to us. Then we should use our common sense, & take another opinion, before embarking on such early actions. Some times we have the knowledge & we have more or less decided to initiate actions, but just before takig the plunge, we may want some expert from outside to support us. This may delay our actions. Hence,if we are convinced, we should be bold enough to take actions. If expected results have not been obtained fully, we should not find fault with self-help books. Advice is advice. It is for us to judge, take the advice, implement & get the results.

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