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Guardiões De Deus: A Batalha Nos Céus
(Rodrigo Cardozo)

Guardians of God: The Battle in Heaven. The saga begins? The eternal fight between Good and Evil, and Evil has existed since the beginning of time. Darkness came out of the light? With the advent of men, a terrible feeling is awake unknown until then: the envy of the angels? Wrath has come upon the Creator at the beginning of World War I? The worlds were created? many celestial beings were banned to the realm of darkness, where dark prevails, becoming the most feared creatures, devils? Demoniac legions move into the lower world, and their movements are seen with apprehension by the knights of the heavens. The fight is at hand? The Prophecy of the Seven Revelations considered a dream by many and long sought after by angels and wise men was finally found, and it told of troubling presages of a dim future, the end of time and the fall of the nations, the coming of the Apocalypse? Could it become a reality? Aaron is a boy who, like many others strives to enter high school. That morning, as he comes out of his home to stand the test, he can?t even suspect that his life shall face a great turn. The real test shall be made a long time away from there, a much harder test from which the future of all men shall depend? The young boy has an accident and faints? when he comes to his senses? when he wakes up? with no recollection at all? he is in an unknown place and he has a mission to fulfil. He must come to the place where the saints and the wise men dwell? But who has assigned him that mission? And why? His mind is full of questions and doubts? New friendships cross the boy?s destiny, and together they shall face the most terrible challenges. Losing courage means missing innocent souls, surpassing challenges means survival? New feelings,,, fighting for power, battles, deaths? revelations? Many secrets and adventures keep coming along in that long journey where the truth is still unknown to all. The prophecy has already begun and in each of its revelations there is immense catastrophe, and at the end of all them the worlds shall fall. Time is enemy of all? Evil has already entered the realm, no one is safe, and death takes defenceless victims in its walk? they shall have to find the place where Evil hides and destroy it before the prophecy takes place. Will they do it? Join them and discover for yourself? Check the site of the book: http://guardioesdedeus.vilabol.uol.com.br (downloads on the item: 3 chapters available for reading only)

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