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The One Who Is Not Busy (connecting With Work In A Deeply Satisfying Way)
(Ms. Darlene Cohen)

We are all busy in service, business or some other works. We may be doing this work with pleasure, or taking it as a burden. It is our attitude, which makes the difference. While we may be engaged in one major job, there will still be many C category jobs, which need our attention one by one, & need completion on daily basis. When we are required to shift our focus from one work to another, we should be able to do it easily, as per our desire. Our mind should have such a flexibility. This shifting even in a narrow way, even to various aspects of nature, energizes a person. We have to get fully involved in that particular job, which we are doing at that particular time, & feel pleasure in it, & enjoy that work till its completion. At that time, the major job should not come in our thoughts. We should see the present. Later on when required, we can bring the focus on the main task at hand. In general, the people take many works in hand, more than they can handle or complete, for one reason or the other. But, time is the limiting resource. Our efficiency depends on, how we manage our time, give priorities to the tasks, deal with the people & handle various situations. Higher the job satisfaction, higher is the creativity. Biggest motivating factor is our own satisfaction of doing our jobs well, & our finding pleasure in each & every activity, in spite of difficulties. If we can focus our attention at our will, as per the requirements of the situation, quality of our life will be better. This is the most important thing in our life, since we look at the same activity from different angles.
In eight Chapters of this book, the author has discussed various aspects of this topic, but in one of its important Chapters, the author has explained various exercises & meditation, which cultivate the skill of simultaneous inclusion. These involve five practice sessions. These skills & exercises will help, in our discovering pleasure, even in repetitive assignments, & opening out of our creativity talent. The author states that in the present culture, the focus is on future expectations, rather on the present. With the help of the technique of meditation, we can give a fresh approach to time management, & take the persons towards enlightenment. If we can learn to be busy, & not busy at the same time, then we will take work in a much more meaningful way. Busyness may be the problem to those people, who have hectic lives, with no time for relaxation, but the solution lies in managing busyness. As per the author, our creative activities are the most deeply satisfying activities. But we can bring this attitude, to our other activities also, whom we consider less important. In this manner, any work, job or activity which we have to do, becomes meaningful & it will make us fully involved in it. Giving our wholehearted & willing attention to every activity, is a total shift in perception, & is likely to give deepest satisfaction to us.
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