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My Miraculous Amma Bhagwan
(sandhya sharma)

Amma & Kalki Bhagwan the Divine Lord on this earth have come in this era to bless the entire man kind. So let us not miss to visit the holy land and get the blessings of Amma and the Divine Lord. Some of my Experiences are like; I have got a boon of being tension free. I used to remain much tensed for my Financial Crises but after I visiting Nemom some power has merged inside me and I always remain fresh and joyous. I know my prayers will be granted and it is delayed because the path leading to my success is not clear, there are some interruptions in it, so Amma Bhagwan are taking time to clear up the ways and then lead me to Success. I feel they are always with me because I can feel them even in the bathrooms and toilets when I remember them or chant the prayers. Another great miracle is my Husband is getting involved in the spirit of Amma Bhagwan though I never force him to follow me or do prayers along with me. He dreamt of chanting the Mantras and saw some fire like energy flowing which he is unable to see clearly as something is interrupting him.When we are in some Pujas we feel the presence of the Divine Lord, on the spot. Some miracle happens there all the times which indicates the presence of Amma & Bhagwan at the spot.When I suffer of some pains or if I am unable to sleep then I call the Lord and ask him to relieve me from the pain. It so happens like I just keep my hands over the suffering part and start chanting the Mantras, automatically the pain heals and I go into deep sleep.I thank Amma Bhagwan for all their blessings on me.

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