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Comprehensive English-esperanto Dictionary
(Peter Benson)

Esperanto is a unique language. Created by one man as an artificial language for international communication, it now has about 2 million speakers around the globe. It is used for international periodicals and a few shortwave broadcasts. In the past, some science fiction writers have used Esperanto as a strange futuristic language for their stories.This 1995 dictionary is the most comprehensive dictionary for English speakers of the Esperanto language, including the necessary modern terminology--- for example, about computers and internet. An essential tool for those who use the Esperanto language.It must be noted however, that this is only a one-way dictionary. It is an English-Esperanto dictionary. This is in contrast to the old Wells Esperanto dictionary which had an Esperanto-to-English section and also an English-to-Esperanto section. The author, Peter Benson, first learned Esperanto in 1960. His other linguistic project was an English-Russian technical glossary.

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