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Is Prayer Possible In State Of Hunger?
(sandhya sharma)

People say, God is the Divine Lord who understands your feelings prior to utterance of any word in front of him. He is the cosmic power with in you who automatically connects to your self imaginations and visualization. Is it True?Let?s have an analysis. A man was asked to Pray for twenty one days continuously and ask for a boon in return of the devotion for the prayer, he was also said that the Lord is going to grant any thing he wished for. The Man Prayed as instructed. He was a middle class man but due to Business complications his money was stuck in Market. He just asked for a boon for the clearance of his finance from the Market. He borrowed money and went to see and pray the God after the completion of twenty one days. He returned back happily as he received some positive signals of his wish to be granted. But one fine morning he was just left with only few pennies which was the last over all amount left with him. In such a situation he came across such Financial Pressure that he was forced to burrow money from his relatives which he never wanted to do. In that situation can any body understand, what mental pressure he might be undergoing? Can he pray though he tries to concentrate in his Prayers? Will the Hunger of his stomach allow him to focus his attention to God? So what is the conclusion of his twenty one days Prayers? It is something that happened with me. I don?t know what is the Result going to be? I still have the hope of receiving the blessings, but today when I needed some amount very urgently, it is my younger sister who has come to help me. I will ever be grateful to her and return the money with Interest the day God Blesses me. I will continue this article if I get the Blessings.

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