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Miracles In India: Amma Bhagvan At Nemom In Chennai
(sandhya sharma)

We do believe that Miracles happen but being experienced by every devotee in one or the other form is really Miraculous. Had the Sri Murti of Amma Bhagwan at home from past two years and prayed in General. But it was on 27th Nov 2006 when God came into my life. It was noon time and I was returning back home, very frustrated of very tight financial issues and a severe headache. On my way to home I met a neighbor and she invited me to her house. I saw a big Sri Murti or Amma Bhagwan and she said me the details of their Miracles in Human Life. I purchased a Small Sri Murti from her paying five rupee and she asked me to sit in front of God. As soon as I sat down and knelt in front of the Lord she touched my head and chanted some Mantras and I really felt something penetrating inside and I started feeling and praying Lord from that day on wards. The Lord Resides at a village called Nemam and Vardhpalam in Chennai. I visited the holy land on 22nd Dec 06 and have got a very fresh and a spiritual feeling in me. I don?t have any tensions though my Financial Situations are much stretched. I have developed a very strong faith in Amma Bhagwan from the day I touched the Divine feet of the Lord Amma Bhagwan.The Lord has special attention towards the youth of the country. Bhagwan wants poverty to be removed and everybody to develop a spiritual feeling of love and respect for their Parents and others. It is the Oneness University in Chennai that is Promoting a feeling of oneness amongst the Youth of the Country.Any body who reads this factual, please try to feel it else you will read it as a story. If you want to know something more go through the website http://www.enlightenment-online.com/index.html

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