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Book Of Zephaniah
(Prophet Zephaniah, God, (Ann Patterson))

The Book of Zephaniah The book of Zephaniah is prophecy given by God to his profit, Zephaniah. The Day of Judgment will be upon the face of the earth and that He will stretch his hand against Judah and all who live in Jerusalem. That this would happen because they have turned away from following Him nor to seek Him. God said that the day of the Lord?s sacrifice will come when He will punish those within the gates of Jerusalem, He mentions the Fish Gate twice and that there will be wails, loud crashes and theat the people of Canaan (the promised Land to which Moses led the people) will be silenced and that silver and gold will be cut off from them. God says that that great day of the Lord is near and will come quickly with its trouble, destruction, darkness and distress. He says that neither silver nor gold will be able to deliver them from His wrath toward all the inhabitants of the earth. God tells them that those who follow Him, the remnant of the House of Judah, will be blessed and will be cared for by the Lord their God and their fortune will be restored. Also, that His people, the Jews, will plunder those who not continue to trust and seek Him.

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