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Book Of Haggai, Ot
(Haggai, God, (Ann Patterson))

The Book of Haggai Haggi, like Zechariah was a prophet, chided the people (Jews) who had returned to Jerusalem lost their vision and interest in rebuilding the temple. He said that they had all they wanted yet they would not bring wood and rebuild the temple. He adds that God would be glorified and happy if they did. God sent a drought so that the ungodly people would have no grain or wine or cattle to sustain them until they obeyed God. Finally, Zerubbabel, the high priest, obeyed the message of God that Haggi said. He believed the message that God was with all who showed reverence for the Lord, God. Haggai told the people who had seen the temple in Jerusalem in its beauty, to see the contrast in the house of the Lord and realize how dreadful it was at that moment. The people were reminded that God would be with them if they worked to rebuild the temple. And, that God will cause all nations to give their wealth for the project---God said that all silver and gold were His to take and give as he wishes. God said that after the temple is rebuilt that it be more glorious than it ever was before and that He will give peace in it for those who worship there. God, through the prophet Haggi, speaks in the past tense about the future events that until the first stone are placed for the building of the temple that the people of Jerusalem must worship and become clean. That, then He will shake the heavens and earth. God also says that after they finish building the temple that he will overthrow and destroy the power of the kingdoms of the nations, war against them. Then, He will bless those whom He has chosen.

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