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Wild Magic
(Tamora Pierce)

Mythical creatures, mages, magical powers, high adventureand brilliantly written characters are the main aspects that will draw you to this book. Wild magic is the first book in the series 'Realms of the Immortals' by Tamora Pierce. A wonderful beginning to the series this book introduces us to Daine, a young recently orphaned girl who possesses a rare magical gift. The story follows Daine through an imaginative fantasy land full of colourful characters and new adventures. We witness her fighting alongside her new magically gifted friends as they struggle to save their kingdom, Tortall,from the dark forces that are terrorising the land. Daine's magical skill at conversing with animals as well as her ability to heal the wounded gives a new angle to the various quests and battles often to be found inthe fantasy genre. Have you ever wondered what a dragon thinks or why griffons can?t lie? This series will make all of these questions clear in time and there is a lot of fun to be had along the way too. Daine is written as a well rounded character who, while knowing that her wild magic gift gives her a responsibility to her King and country, realises the destructive effect that war has on everyone...even the victors. Knights, mages, Kings and rogues this book has it all and Pierce's skill at building the relationships between her characters means that you can get a real sense of what Daine is thinking and feeling as she takes part in this magical adventure. It also means that you can get a true picture of the close friendships and almost family bonds that are formed between her and her extremely varied group of friends, from Cloud the pony and Onua the horse mistress to Numair the mage and even Jonathon, the King of Tortall himself. Action packed with battles, magical spells and mysteries this book is an excellent read for all fans of the fantasy genre.

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