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(Jack Welch with Suzy Welch)

Who does not like winning? But it is not always possible & also not always easy. This book is based on, the author's 41 years experience with GE, mainly as Chairman & CEO, & it focuses on the people, team work & profits. It is a practical guide book, covering various relevant topics in its 20 Chapters. One of the topics covered in this book is, work-life balance, which in the opinion of the abstract writer, is of utmost importance for every one. Most of the people feel that, they are overworking, literally running on week days, & bringing work to home, or going to the work spot for additional hours of work, during week-ends. Week-ends are meant for relaxation, recreation, entertainment & recharging of batteries of the employees. With inadequate break in between periods of work, firstly, employees are unable to regain their efficiency when the fresh work week starts, & secondly they are unable to have quality time with their families in the week- ends. This is likely to lead to health problems. Each one of us should, at least have some free time to ourselves, during week-ends & also in the week days, to not only do home chores, but also to engage in some leisure or hobby activities which we love to do, and in which we feel pleasure & fun . No doubt, work is not only important but very important, but the important point here is, to strike a balance between work & life, by having the requirements & pressures of work as well as needs of self & family, met properly & evenly. Work at job, is not the only work in life. This point has to be always kept in mind. In life, we should have a mixture, having right proportions of all the required elements. The author says that, it is up to the individual person to make choices, & to allocate the priorities depending upon the situations, & not get overwhelmed by work & all the demands & thus the stress. The author has given three guidelines in this connection i.e. giving full effort to whatever you are trying to do , saying no to some demands when considered essential, and including everything (and also yourself) in the considerations of work-life balancing. It must be remembered that, this balancing in a right way, is not a one shot affair, and that it improves with experience.

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