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I, Robot
(Isaac Asimov)

The fiction story " I,Robot" is all about how the world appears in the future years. The developing technology concentrates more on how to help the human in doing his work easier.He invents a servent who works around the clock to serve him based on the orders provided. Thats the "ROBOT" in human structure, with legs, hands and a body similar to human.

The storymakes its movewhere a Robot doesnt obey the orders given it it. The rules given to robot are, The robots doesnot harm humans andThe robots must obey the orders of humans. Actual start is, a robot given an order to harm the humans, to conquire the world. This shows that the rule is meant to be broken always.

But as an UNIVERSAL TRUTH, "TRUTH NEVER FAILS" and "good never falls", the hero of the fiction solves the problems with various actions and adventures and suspenses.

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