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The Adventures Of Augie March
(Saul Bellow)

Saul Bellow?s The Adventures of Augie March, tells the wondrous story of Augie March, a Chicago born young man bent of living life by his own means. Though he comes from a poor family deserted by its father, Augie has enough sense and skill to go out and find jobs at a young age to try to live life on his own. Hs cavalier style of living transmutes across all levels of his livelihood, and due to his attitude towards independence, Augie cannot stay in a functional relationship with a woman. It is not until he encounters a huntress named Thea and embarks on a trip to Mexico, that Augie faces the reality of his independence. It is then that he realizes that he is not always in control of his life. When life in Mexico becomes demur Augie resorts to playing poker with the local characters who frequented the bar. Discontent with the life he lived with Thea, and unable to see a solution to the degeneration of their relationship, Augie decides to get on the move once more. He returns to Chicago and gets a job with his brother at the coal mine. Though his relationship with his brother?s fiancé did not make it easy to survive at the mine, Augie manages to get his brother on his side. While working for his brother, Augie gets involved with a member of Charlotte?s family. That relationship, like those before, did not last long when the family found out about Augie?s aiding of a neighbor in need of an abortion. After the disappointment, Augie was on the move again, this time into the army.Because of his experiences in the Army, Augie met the beautiful Stella, to whom he wrote endless letters while in Africa. In Africa he experienced the dangers of the rivers and a man named Bateshaw. Augie, ever the survivor, would come out of the African experience a mature man and in love with Stella. But in staying true to his life?s practice, Augie would be on the move once more, this time to France.Mr. Bellow paints a magnetic picture of a man from youth through young-manhood which leaves the reader with so much incite into the character?s need for independence and his reasons for jumping from place to place. Augie cannot stay in one place or with one person, or he runs the risk of facing himself and seeing his shortcomings.

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