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Tom Strong Book One

MOORE, ALAN & SPROUSE, CHRIS - TOM STRONG BOOK ONE ?2000 America?s Best Comics. Delightfully eccentric superhero spoof by the creator of V For Vendetta and Watchmen. When Professor Strong and his wife are shipwrecked on an exotic island, in 1900 the Professor builds a robot to provide all the food and shelter for himself and his spouse. Soon, the Professor has a hi-tech laboratory and when they have a son called Tom Strong, the raise him in a controlled environment designed to maximise his strength and intelligence. Tom also learns from the friendly natives, who provide him with a special longevity-inducing drug that keeps him young for hundreds of years. This enables his adventures to span the century. As he grows, Tom marries an island girl and has a daughter. He now has a whole band of allies, including the Pneuman robot servant, and a talking gorilla, Solomon, created by Tom? own experiments. Tom and family move between the jungle island and America?s Millennium City. Tom has several short snappy slick adventures. Tom and an invitation to live on the planet Venus where no one will try to fight or destroy them give aliens hoping to take over Earth a flying saucer. A sexy female nazi pilot later attacks Tom, in the 21st century. She is one of a group of cloned Nazis serving his former wartime lover, an Aryan woman who once rendered Tom unconscious and stole his sperm (the story he may just be using to prove fidelity to his wife). The Nazis send Tom into the distant past, where he faces an evil monster of primordial slime, which hopes to kill him and take his place as an evil shape-shifter before he is sent back to his own time. (Tom is only exiled in time temporarily while a more diabolical death can be devised for him). The plan is merely to expose Tom to a terrible shocking truth. He now has a son, who is evil, but who Tom hopes to convert to goodness.

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