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Ultimate Visual Dictionary 21st Century Supplement

Dictionaries have come of age. Gone are the days when they were considered a ?bank of words? only. It is no secret that labeled pictures explain things much more clearly than words. Not only that, pictures is able to captivate the reader?s attention better. For long, various theories about the anatomy of the Universe have confused students and readers. But one attractive, explanatory diagram sets all doubts to rest. This book combines the information in dictionaries with that of encyclopedias and stress is laid on expressing the explanations by way of colourful pictures. The ?plants? section? has been subcategorized with explanations and attractive illustrations in all subcategories separately. The ?human body section? too is spread over several pages with full page diagrams and pictures depicting details and the various parts.The scope of the book does not end here. A unique feature of the book is the section on ?rail and road? which has details on the first cars, bicycles, engines and all else to satisfy our curiosity. Also the ?sea and air section? that tells us all we want to know about ships and planes. But my favorite part of the book is the ?visual arts section? where I got to read about drawing and painting materials. I make pastels as a hobby. This book offered me the opportunity to learn more techniques to make pastels. In the ?sports section? most of the popular sports have been discussed in detail with labeled pictures telling a layman all he needs to know about the sport.Last but not the least, there is a section dedicated to tell us about things we use in our daily life. Things like clocks and toasters, shoes and chairs, which are a part of our lives but about which we hardly know anything. The presentation of the information is so interesting that it can even arouse the curiosity of a person who is not an ardent reader.

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