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Nobody's Home

I went to my roome while i was crying.
The thoughts of all the other kids whom were very mean by making fun of me because of their jealusy thwordsme wasn't really plesent, in fact, it didn't want to go away.
You have to understand, i've tried to commit suiceid
It's not funy.
What are you laughing at?!
I was screaming and yeling, I wanted to kill them.
I really did. well, youv'e must be asking yourself, "what is she talking about?!"
well, i'm talking about having a boyfriend almost two years, and i am 18years old now and the wholeschool is laughing at me.
That's because they're jealuse of me by leting them know how much i am happy with this guy, and how much i wanted to marry him.
Well, as you can see theyr'e acting like abunch of babies who didn't have any boyfriend or girlfriend in their lives!!!!
As you can see i am very miserable right now....

Now after waking up in a place which
is strange to me, i don't know what is gonna happen to me.
Is someone found me after trying commiting suiceid, or kidnapped me?!
Am i right?!

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