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The Last Jew
(Noah Gordon)

The Last Jew is Noah Gordon?s work, based in his historical revue. The action takes place in the fifteen?s century?s Spain, the general scenario is the Jew?s expulsion and the horrific acts occurred during the Inquisition and tell us the story of young Yonah Ben Helkias Toledano. Yonah is the last Jew at the end of that century?s Spain. At fifteen years of age, the young man sees his family being murdered and he is separated from all friend and relatives that manage to survive. Determined to keep his family traditions, he refuses to convert and is forced to run away into deep, interior Spain, in order to stay alive. Thus, keeping his faith in God, and initially having as company a smart donkey called Moses, he crosses the hard lands of Spain in an involving adventure. He manages to keep his life without converting, professing his faith within his soul and dreaming in passing his beliefs to his descendents, in order to bring them up as truly believing Jews. It?s a very calm and interesting narrative.

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