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9 Years

Losing 4 grandchildren in 9 years really hurts. When my daughter joined Jehovah's Witness' I lost all four grandchildren over a period of 9 years.

At first she was going through a separation and divorce. Then she became pregnant with her fourth child and needed help. I went to her aid upon the birth of the 4th child,and cried in the darkness of the 3 other childrens' bedroom at the house she was livining in.

The children slept with their mother in the utility room downstairs on a mattress. She was all alone and the three blonde children, ages 2,4,and 8..lived only a mile from their father.

Their dad had lapsed on mortgage payments to have his (their) home foresclosed on and put up for auction. His mother bought the house and gave it back to him.

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