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(Ian McEwan)

Saturday comes from a master?spen. Ian McEwan wields his pen like a warriors holds his sword. And then, quiteunlike a warrior, he creates his fictional world in the image of the real one.In ?Saturday? he comes up with an extraordinary story and tell it extraordinarilylike it should be. Thisis a story about a day in the life of a successful neurosurgeon, Henry Perowne,who is as content as a man can be. But on this day of year 2003, things seemremarkably different as he is prepared to go for his regular game of squashwalking through a London street teeming with people protesting against the Iraqwar. Thenoccurs a small accident bringing him in confrontation with a man who is a thugand Perowne?s eyes detect it right away. The man feels that the neurosurgeonhas somehow embarrassed and humiliated him, and is determined to wreak havocwith his easy life.Little did HenryPerowne know in the morning that day that later in the day he?ll be forced topush all his skills into play in order to protect his family.Fate has its ownways and McEwan makes sure that his readers feel how the unknown works with thelives of the innocent people. This is one of the best works from the highlyacclaimed author of the award winning ?Atonement?. A must read for McEwan?sfans.

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