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The Precious Gift
(Tessa Barclay)

Imagine you have discovered the gift of healing. It is a power that is special and unique, that not a lot of people have. Once you have this power, you can use it in many ways, especially to heal the sick or emotionally ill.Laura Mertagen thought she had discovered this gift when she helped a man who fell in the park and collapsed. She put her soothing hands on him and he said she cured him of a life-long disease. Slowly, Laura starts to use her power in different situations. Laura's sister Catherine supports her, but it starts to have severe consequences to their family. The books starts as Laura and her sister Catherine settle to live with their dad who is widowed. This is after World War II. Laura is a nurse and Catherine, an office assistant. They both help out with their family's financial struggling. The story is quiet until Laura helps this man in an unusual way, by a healing nature. The plot thickens and become rather shattering to the lives of Laura, Catherine, and their family.

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