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The Thing About Jane Spring
(Sharon Krum)

Brought up by her Military General Father on an army base in West Point, New York lawyer Jane Spring is organised, opinionated, strong-minded and intelligent- everything men say they want in a woman. So why is it that while the rest of her friends are arranging their wedding the only thing Jane has to organise is her weekend. Why, if Jane is so perfect, is she single.Sometimes the answers are found in the most peculiar places.Stuck in her apartment when a blizzard hits New York with only the sound of her neighbours screwing for company, Jane sits on the sofa with a bottle of wine and discovers a Doris Day marathon on TV and that?s when it hits her. Men want a blonde bimbo with legs like maypoles in kitten heels and pencil skirt. Men want women like Doris: sweet, pink and attractive. Doris wouldn?t scare men off with her opinions and confidence. Doris always gets her man. So Jane sets out to recreate herself. To become the perfect woman. The only thing is how will her colleagues react to this new perfect model.How will her father react to his new feminine daughter.Can she pull it off?And will it all be worth it?Brought up

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