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Bali Island

Indonesia rich of its archipelago.and within Indonesia lies a beautiful island, not very big but very beautiful name Bali Island.
Everone who has come to bali or even read about bali must be feel amaze by its rich culture and peacefull community. Most part of Bali is fill with beaches which a good place for watersport or even only just see the sunrise and sunset, with the variety of traditional activity that still exist until now, the Bali community try to remain their traditional culture in a very good way.
there are balinese dance that famous name barong dance and even the tradional ceremony are very interesting to see.
In Bali you can also try many cuisine start from the traditional Bali cooked until the western-europian cuisine. There is no such of worries when you came to Bali, the security is well guarded and also the friendliness of the people will make you feel like you are more then welcome.
Bali also very interesting place for people to do bussiness, because Bali also the handicraft world.Many ethnic goods are made in Bali such as ; wooden craft, silver jewelry, rattan craft, furniture etc.
from one of Bali beach named Lovina beach, you can watch the dolphin that lives in the middle of the sea, in the morning they ussually come out so we can see them dancing and jumping.We can rent a boat to go to the middle and it's not expensive.
for people who like water sport you can surfing or even rafting, its really fun with the deep scale of water in the river you'll find it as an interesting adventure.
there are no place are bad in Bali.All places you see and you visit has their own attaraction and beauty.
seems like there're never enough time when you visit Bali.you will always feel want to coming back and it will live in your memory forever.
The magic of Bali is never gone eventhough some horrible things happens like on 2002 and 2005 Bali was bombed by a terorist, but Bali maintance their existancy until now. and nothing to worry about.

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