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The Book Harry Potter
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In the fifth long book from all that at the time the books of G ' was KAY Roling, Harry was compelled to deal with several renewals of examinations of the adulthood in the end this year lack of confidence from side of office of the magics and from most remainder of world of the magicians apart from the associates to him RON is a game on duty the guard by the group of Hkwidits ' of Gripindor after Aolibr Wd ended the school ( in addition there is also new captain to the group ) new teacher to the self defence before forces of the opal that is sent sponsored by office of the magics and a little on the story itself in light of the events last year, ( death of Sdrik will be lived Ohiwldto newlyOf the lord Wldmort ) office of the magics ( that denies the assertion that the lord Wldmort exists ) seditious every most of world of the magicians versus Harry and causes to the inconvenience of Harry in school Hogwrts. The new teacher to the self defence before forces of the opal, that calls oloros Ambridg ', get discovereds as wicked real, that imposes on Harry and his friends of hard penalties, limitations are new every several days on the students, and even establish staff of inspection are compound Mshnoaio the main of Harry ( arko Malpoi and his friends ) that abuse Harry and in his friends and lower perforated ' endless Mnk ' the house ofIn light of the limitations and new installations of oloros Ambridg ', Harry establishes the group of self defence before forces that is obscure that call Ts"d ( army mbldor ) Hara manages the group, and teaches them all sorts of magics that will help to them to defend before forces of the opal ( like Ptronos etc... ' ) the group calls with the help of ships are visible innocence to the semblance, but when they heat this say because there is a meeting of Ts"d. With regard to Harry, this year even more hard, he is a beginner to learn covering of recognition with the hateful most teacher upon him in school, Swros Snip. At the start of the book, Harry imposes a magic from outside to the bounds Hogwrts and take him to the announcement ( there is a law is prohibitiveMinors to execute magics from outside bounds of the school ) and Harry and afraid his friends that he Yoap from the school. In addition, at the start of the book Harry is a fetus to is a house in the square Grimold number 12, that this house of Sirios destroyed, godfather of Harry, this house serves Chmpkda of settles a chicken of the sand ) and there he unites with every good his friends Hrmioni, a family of Wizli ( RON, Prd, George, my gin, opposite me and Arthur ). There he spend times the summer, before recovery Lhogwrts, again to fight the forces of the opal and in the lord Wldmort.

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