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Lady Chatterley's Lover
(D.H. Lawrence)

Lady Chatterley's lover is a novel about love, sex, social classes and industrialization. This were a very polemic book because describes sex scenes with a lot of realism. Besidesthe sex scenes and the use of dirty words, it tells yet the affective relationship between a Lady and a working class man. This classical work was spread with description in 1928. Although it wasn't published untill 1960 when caused a big agitation. Lady Chatterley's lover is the story of Constance Chatterley that is married to Clifford Chatterley, a noble. Clifford was hurted during the war getting paralized from his waist to down what turned himinto an impotent man. Therefore Constance gets involved in a love affair with her husband employee. She gets pregnant and leaves Cliffordfor Oliver Mellors, the lover that belongs to a social class inferior than hers. The first subject is, probably the strongest, approached by D.H. Lawrence is the one who talks about sex and love. In the biggining of the novel, Constance faces sex as something that follows the most important that is friendship and intelectual excitement. In the development of the story she has an affair with one of her husbandmost frequent guest. This wakes Constance up to desire, although very differentfrom the later ant total satisfaction she findsin Mellors. In the story, at the first moment, it seems that isn't possible having everything. You must choose between loving a man for his character, while sex is tolerable or love the sex with a man with a tolerable character. Although when Constance gets involved with Mellors she finds out that is possible having the both. Another subject that Lawrence talks very good about is the difference between social classes. This is a subject very deared to thewriter because he was born in a working class family and felt himselfwirdall his life. Lawrence uses the differneces between Clifford and Mellors to emphasizehis point of viewabout low and high classes.In fact, it looks like he makes a combination of feelings, bringing to light problems of both classes. He also emphasizes that the obssession for money is one of the biggest problems that torment the society. The book describes part ofLawrence own experiences. The miner town used as scenary looks like the one Lawrence was born. Clifford was a writer and his intelectual interests was similarto Laurence's. Mellors had been close to death and the consequences left by the pneumonia was similar to those Lawrence was affected. Even the destroyer vision of the end of the world, or at least, the end of a worl with spirituality could beput downto the fact D.H. Lawrence was close to the end of his life when he wrote the book. Finishing, the story could been best-known for its explicit sex scenes what brought a lot of controversy but the plot approaches very imortants points. The story wasn't only about sex and love. It were about inner conflicts, loyalty, social classes and life in general. This makes the work an endlessclassic.

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