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Nine On Nine
(Nandita C. Puri.)

Story telling is an art,which every one can not master.But auther has attempted it in her debut novel and succeeded as well. Written by Nandita C. Puri,wife of Bollywood's legendary actor Om Puri,NINE ON NINE is collection of nine stories(as title well suggests).All the stories are based on urban life.

The novel has covered two centuries of Indian History starting with British raj and ending in the 21st century. This novel weaves in a number of real-life incidents may be told by friendsor discussed at parlours or overheard somewhere. There is Story of piano teacher.Another story revolves around a struggling choreographer.

NINE ON NINE is very good collection.Nandita Puri has been writting a coloumn for MIDDAY for past several years,so that makes her so good storyteller for shorter word limited version of storytelling.Surely this is must read pick for all of us.

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