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The Mystery Of The Invisible Thief
(Enid Blyton)

'Mystery of the invisible thief' is a fiction stroy written by Enid Blyton who is from United Kingdom. The story is a mystrey story written for children and of course, for adults who love to read Mystery stories.
The story is about incidents of robbery, but surprisingly the robber is not to be seen by anybody. It seems as if the robber is invisible. But the robber leaves huge footprints and fingerprints. This leaves with surprise the five detective children, who enjoy themselves being involved in mysteries.
The five children investigate the matter. They search for all sorts of clues and interrogate people. But all this leads them only to a blank wall, which leaves them in utter dejection. They give up the case.
Then somehting happens which make them alert once again. This time, they succeed in solving the mystery.
The story is fascinating. It is written with a unique style and it captivates the mind. Any child will be able to read and understand the book, which is mainly written for children.

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