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Every House Needs A Porch
(Rina Frank Miterni)

She was born in 1952, one year and eight month after her older sister, Yossefa, was born. They were inseparable since... In the book, two stories are braided together. One tells the story of a girl, daugter of two immigrants from Romania, who lives in a slum that became a furnace for new immigrants in Haifa who spent their summer nights sitting on their porch. The porch was the most important room in the house. Everyone sees and knows everyone and they all live together as one big family. Her mother, partially deaf, had never learned Hebrew and made a living cleaning houses. Her father wondered from one job to another, desperatelly searching for that permanent income he yearned for. She grew up with her younger sister who saw god once. She was beautiful and innocent, as a little girl aut to should be, and her sister - smart. Together they build a new reality that helpes them cope with their crowded, difficult life of poverty.

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